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Everybody who is in a relationship does not want to be in a situation where they will end up wasting a great deal of their feelings on a person who does not care. Hence, whether your dating is online or in the real world, you will like to know if your girl truly loves you. How do you know if she truly loves you? Will you come right out and ask her, or do you watch out for signs that indicate she truly cares? How good are you when it comes to reading her mind? Well, the truth is that there is no really a general formular to know if she truly cares. However, you will get some useful tips on how you can know if she is truly the one for you! Do you still remember those pretty heartfelt notes on that were written to ask the question: "do you like me"... perhaps, yes or no? Oh, I see.

May be you never even got up the nerve to pop up the question to crush in at junior high school. At least, you would know others who did right ? Now that you are older, chances are that you may still doubt whether she really likes you or not. Obviously, you will choose to handle the situation more maturely in a cool way. Of course, you may opt in to directly ask her. But how are you sure she will tell you the truth? She may be worried not to hurt your feelings. May be she is not willing or does not know how to say her mind. She is definitely not alone! In fact, what if she is worried by the same thing as you? You have met a girl online on who is probably your first real love, and you really need to be sure she feels the same for you!

You really need to be vigilant if you must look for signs. You need to be much more familiar with reading her body language or her chat messages. In other words, you should be able to notice how she reacts to you when you are in her area on or pass comments at her. Does she move closer to you or keep her distance when you are together? After dating online for a while, you may want to meet her physically. So, where does she keep her hands when you are speaking with her? Does she keep her arms crossed in front of her or relaxed by her side as if she is open to conversation?


Find out if she scoots closer to you when you sit by her side. If she looks for chances of touching you either knowingly or unknowingly, that is probably a good indication that she truly cares. Even if it is a slight caress on your arm or leg, it is an idea that should tell you the feeling is great.